As our clients will be coming from different airports and at different times we suggest the following options.

  1. We can create a ‘WhatsApp’ group to connect you with fellow travellers so you can organize to meet at the airport in Heraklion. If the times of arrival are close enough and make a group of 6-8, your transfer will be provided.
  1. Heraklion is only 10 minutes away from the airport and for those that arrive early there is a great opportunity to explore the city. It has an amazing archaeological museum with artefacts from the Minoan times, then you can head back to the airport to meet the rest of the group. You can safe-keep your luggage in the airport for approximately 6 euros.
  1. If the above options are not suitable for you, then at your own cost you can take the bus from the airport (bus timetable and prices will be provided) or a taxi costing approximately 72 Euros. You can also hire a car at a very discounted price – just ask our advice.

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